Our Work

Collaboration and connection to others in the field is important so that we can all share our experience, strengths and our encouragement. As a statewide organization, we can address together these ever concerning substance issues on the college campus.

Working in the field with limited resources including staff and funds can create a very lonely and isolating experience for individuals. This collaboration will provide an opportunity for you to expand your knowledge expertise and enrich your practice and tools.


  1. Update and provide a directory of member colleges universities

  2. Develop a list serve to connect the community

  3. Share the current best practices in the state of GA through the network

  4. Provide a venue for sharing information and concerns laterally and vertically to state and federal resources to share current issues on the campus

  5. Offer low cost and free drive in workshops on current substance issues facing the higher education community

  6. Our work spans the continuum of care:

In the field of Alcohol and Other Drugs we recognize the need for a coordinated comprehensive Continuum of Care plan to address substance use in higher education. A full continuum of care includes:

  • Prevention - the act of preventing something, a hindrance. Obstacle or impediment

  • Education - the act or process of educating, the knowledge or skill obtained or developed by a learning process

  • Intervention - the systematic process of assessment and planning employed to remediate or prevent social, educational, or developmental problem

  • Treatment - The act, manner or method of handling or dealing with someone or something

  • Recovery - a return to a normal or healthy condition